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Pope Jane - Slightly Used
The Best Of Album

A two CD set compiled onto
one disc
, fans will love all 19 digitally remastered tracks spanning 13 years and five
albums, including four new
sneak-peak tracks at
Pope Jane's brand new
upcoming album,
Tin Star Revival.

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Adult Album Alternative
Alternative Rock
Alternative Rock
"Dog and Pony Show"


album notes

"Industry Whore"


album notes

"hide me
from the moon"

album notes

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"Pope Jane"


album notes

Out Of Print

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CDBABY - Just want the whole digital album, including notes and links? Then download an MP3 digital version of Pope Jane albums hide me from the moon and Relief, and even Danielle Egnew's solo album Red Lodge. An MP3 album is a zip file with a folder containing:

* - The entire album as one zip download, which includes not just the MP3s, but also a JPG of the album art, and a text file of song titles, album notes, and links back to Pope Jane's websites!

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Dog & Pony Show

Dog and Pony Show
Released July 8th of 2003

Dog and Pony Show is a true Americana offering, marrying many of Pope Jane's favorite tunes and the vocal style of Danielle Egnew with the back woods melancholy and signature slide and lead guitar work by Paul Houston, while featuring Todd Connelly on bass. Pope Jane's pop sensibility, and soaring, soulful vocals took a stylistic turn on this album, recorded and mastered in Los Angeles and co-produced by Danielle Egnew and Paul Houston. The

Americana flavor of Dog and Pony Show beckons back to a time when good music came from the gut and talent came from the hands of musicians in the gusts across the highline. Dog and Pony Show is a masterful Americana painting, splashing a textural and hook-oriented canvas with fresh toe-tapping grab and grace. If you are partial to big vocals and buttery slide guitar work, then you'll love the Americana twang of Dog and Pony Show.

Lyrics coming soon!

Industry Whore
Released in January of 2001

The reviews came in for this powerful parody of the pop music industry were rave, even though the album was intended to be tongue in cheek! Singles "Forgive Myself" and "Been There, Done That" received FM radio play all over the country. The "Forgive Myself" Video, directed by Lance Mora, skyrocketed to number one for over one month on then then-first internet webstreamer, NetthisTV in LA. Actually a solo project written, played and produced by Danielle Egnew, she

credited the band in the inside jacket of Industry Whore as part of the spoof theme of the album. Danielle Egnew's mega-production of Industry Whore dwarfed even her large production style aimed at the band's 1998 release, Relief, and was aimed to parody the mega-pop radio over-production of 2000-2002. The album's candy-pop production does serve the songs incredibly well, lending an entirely different sound to this faux "Pope Jane" album. Not the traditional Pope Jane sound, of course, but If you like a hooky tunes and a good sense of humor, this album is for you.

Hide Me from
the Moon Lyrics

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Hide Me From The Moon
Released December 14th of 2000

Pope Jane's third album, Hide Me From The Moon, was released to a packed capacity crowd in Billings, Montana, at Casey's Golden Pheasant. Three video cameras showing the live performance on three large screen TV's allowed all who came to see the event a good seat. Hide Me From The Moon is the most-acclaimed and most fan-popular Pope Jane release to date. After landing a spec recording deal, Pope Jane flew out to Seattle, where they recorded this popular third project. Produced this time by the entire band and the
band's former manager, Hide Me From The
Moon represents the most the true-to-live Pope Jane sound, breathing deeply of fluidity, groove, movement, and warm vocal passages, featuring all three members of the band. A brilliant,
explosively emotional and straight-forward follow-up to Relief, Pope Jane made yet another

favorable international showing with this third release, garnering praise from publications across the mainstream and independent music spectrum, all while solidifying the band's name in the music history books. If you love Pope Jane live, and you love the true Pope Jane sound, you'll be yet another who loves Hide Me From The Moon.

Relief Lyrics

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Released December 4th of 1998

Pope Jane's second album, Relief, was released to a sold-out show at the infamous Casey's Golden Pheasant in Billings, Montana. This album is powerful enough to make reviewers think in both directions -- edgy and dark, and people either loved it, or hated it. Produced and mixed by Danielle Egnew and mastered by Seattle's Steve Smith, (Garth Brooks, Hansen, Heart) Relief took six months to record at May Technical School in Billings, Montana, on a chained ADAT system, having been recorded with no compressors, due to a failure in the compressor chain. (Danielle watched the board meters and rode each fader manually as the signal came in, so technically, there was a compressor -- it was Danielle.) Relief is an emotional roller coaster threaded
heavy Pope Jane studio productions to date.

Subtle, tasty ear candy and soul-splitting arrangements, it's one of the biggest, and most explosive Pope Jane albums to date. Though Holly and Kristen felt Danielle tricked Relief out a little too much in the studio -- it has been cited in several industry publications in the late 90's as an benchmark for cutting edge production styles for the time.

Out of print

Pope Jane - Self Titled
Released in September of 1995

A blast from the past! Pope Jane's first basement tape -- literally -- recorded way back, when they were an all female four piece band, with Rita Brown on lead guitar. Pope Jane's first self-titled release, produced by writer/vocalist Danielle Egnew, hit the retail outlets in the fall of 1995, and sold like a spreading prairie fire. Reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed, this album was only produced in the cassette format, and sold out of many re-

pressings. It boasted two different jackets and is currently very difficult to find, as it is out of print. Two digitally remastered tracks from this original cassette are included on the Pope Jane - Slightly Used: The Best Of Album.

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