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The Billings Gazette
May 23, 1999

Pope Jane returns to ZooGrass stage

Based in Billings, Pope Jane has been gracing area stages -- as well as garnering national attention -- for the past 5 years. Pope Jane is a powerful, pop/alternative trio. Danielle Egnew is the group's leader, as well as vocalist and guitarist. Holly Hoagland plays bass, and Kristen Coyner plays drums.

Egnew embodies the Montana entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to her writing and production talents, Danielle also formed an ASCAP-affiliated music publishing company. Hoagland is a diverse musician, with interests in trumpet and keyboards. Holly won the National Bass Showdown, with her unique approach to the five-string bass. Coyner was graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle, with a degree in music and video business. Kristen is a prolific songwriter, although Pope Jane performs few of her works. Her songs are decidedly country, and not a perfect fit with Pope Jane's style.

Pope Jane's first CD sold-out the first three pressings when originally released. The group followed that up with a new CD last December, "Relief." The first single, "Rain," has been receiving airplay on regional pop radio stations.


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